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    Eurovision 2019: Armenia singer WALKS OFF after performance but viewers spot HUGE blunder

    May 17, 2019 10:33 Business, Culture, News, Politics A+ / A-

    EUROVISION fans got a treat this evening as the second live semi-final aired in Israel. First up was Armenia and the singer even walked off at the end of her performance in a dramatic climax but viewers were distracted by a pretty big blunder.

    The competition took place in Israel and tonight’s thrilling show was opened by Armenia as Srbuk took to the stage.

    She performed a moody and contemporary song called Walking Out and when it came to the end of the performance, she did just that.

    The brunette beauty walked right off the stage after a passionate performance of her catchy song.

    Thankfully, BBC 4 hosts Rylan and Scott Mills were on hand to inform viewers as to what was going on with the bizarre move.

    Before the song started, the former joked: “I wanna warn you she will be walking out at the end of the performance. She isn’t storming off.”

    When the routine finished, Rylan added: “See! She does actually walk out!”

    However, the moment was seemingly overtaken as viewers spotted a pretty big blunder during the live stream.

    During Srbuk’s performance, she was singing to the immense crowd, but a shot later, the audience had disappeared.

    Some flocked Twitter to point out the moment and it seemed they thought Eurovision had cut in shots from her rehearsals.

    One wrote: “Oh dear #Eurovision, somebody cut in some long shots from one of the rehearsals during Armenia’s performance.”

    A second added: “Why was the public missing from Armenia’s moment? Did they use footage from the rehearsal?”

    A third pointed out: “Wait…Did the public suddenly disappear or did they show an old rehearsal shot during the live performance of Armenia?”

    A fourth added: “Why is the venue empty? #ESC19 #Eurovision.”

    What’s more, fans had a mixed response to Walking Out and were quick to comment on it.

    “Emm a good song but I need more energy, but it’s still good vocals on fire, could make the final,” said one fan.
    A second wondered: “I really liked her #armenia #eurovision Good luck.”

    Another commented: “I’ll get so mad if Armenia doesn’t qualify.”

    A fourth tweeted: “Armenia is walking out. But Moldova is staying.”

    Fans can catch all the action from the live semi final in our live blog here.

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