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    Kocharyan supporters protest outside government building, demand his release

    July 4, 2019 22:48 News, Politics A+ / A-

    A group of supporters of Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan are staging a protest outside the government building in downtown Yerevan, while the Cabinet members are holding a regular meeting. They insist that Kocharyan is arrested illegally and demand his release from custody.

    “So far, no court or prosecutor has been able to substantiate any of the grounds for his arrest. Factually, Kocharyan has never avoided the investigation, has never obstructed justice; there has been no such attempt,” one of the protesters said. “Meanwhile, the courts guided by the logic of the authorities do not want to put up with that idea.”

    He stressed no Armenian citizen, including government officials, are insured against possible judicial proceedings which should be conducted by a fair court.

    “A person is arrested only because some narrow circles want it. I reiterate that Kocharyan will not avoid the investigation, but unlike the prosecutors and the court that copied down their motions, I can justify my opinion,” he said, reminding the ex-president has voluntarily appeared before the court and turned himself in to the law enforcement agencies, has never opposed to “shameful decisions” or hindered the investigation.

    Demonstrators held up posters with Kocharyan’s photo that read: “My hero must be in freedom.”

    The Yerevan Court of Appeals ordered Kocharyan to be re-arrested on 25 June, pending the outcome of his trial on criminal charges related to the March 2008 post-election events.


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