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    Pashinyan meets with a 6-year-old boy who wanted to make sure PM ‘exists in real life’

    July 17, 2019 11:21 News, Politics A+ / A-

    Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan took to Facebook on Monday to share the story of a meeting with a an American-Armenian family . “I received Michael Mikhani and his sister Evelin accompanied by their mother Gayane Arzumanyan. Michael’s father is an Iranian-Armenian, while mother is from Yerevan. They arrived in Armenia to see the grandpa and grandma,” Pashinyan wrote, then telling the details of the meeting.
    In the PM’s words, a day earlier he was reading letters sent on behalf of citizens and encountered on the one by Gayane Arzumayan who wrote that her son dreamed about meeting the PM.
    “The meeting had a quite practical aim. It turned out Michael wanted to make sure whether I existed in real life or appeared on TV only. Getting the answer to this question, he put forward three issues on the negotiations table. The first matter related to the street dogs and the need for the government to take measures about constructing shelters for them. The second was about the abundance of waste around buildings and yards which should be solved. The third was a concern about the large number of smokers in Armenia, complaining that citizens smoke everywhere which should be stopped. I tried to convince him all the mentioned issues would be addressed over the time but he should return to Armenia for permanent residence. The talk went a bit hard as he avoided to promise. As it turned out there was a concrete reason for his reluctance. I has decided to become president of the United States,” Pashinyan wrote, adding: “Ladies and gentlemen, I had the privilege to meet the first Armenian President of the United States who will move to Armenia to live permanent after completing his office.”

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