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    Serzh Sargsyan said- why not, take part. Ara Abrahamyan

    October 14, 2015 16:06 News, Politics, Press A+ / A-


    The president of Armenians’ Union in Russia Ara Abrahamyan will take part in Assembly elections, either he will establish a new party or will join any party. To the question which that party will be, he said that did not know yet. ‘’I haven’t decided yet, it is secondary for me, for me the preparation and fulfillment of programmes are important. More than hundred people are now working on it. I will not do anything aginst the country’’. He assured that both their ideology and all other issues it will be clear in March. Now it is in discussion phase. ‘’ You know better than me what Armenia needs , I don’t want to criticize anyone, but I cannot live quietly when people live badly in my country. Everything will be in the framework of legislation. 350 lawyers work for me. Now my big team is making programmes, and projects. I think I will anounce whether I will participate in the Assembly elections or not in March. I dob’t eliminate that there is also an option to cooperate with other parties’’, – said Ara Abrahamyan adding that it is not known yet and it is secondary for him with whom he will cooperate. One of the journalists asked whether he is informed of the experience of Gagik Tsarukyan’s party and whether he had discussed the issue of the party with Serzh Sargsyan and as a response he said ‘’ Gagik Tsarukyan is our friend, we take into consideration everything so how we couldn’t have taken it as well. Gagik Tsarukyan has made up his mind, we will be ready for everything. We will defend our rights and our deeds will be clear. I have also discussed the matter with RA president, he said, why not, participate if you have programmes’’. ‘’ Let you not think that I don’t have anything to do that’s why I initiated such kimd of thing. You can’t even imagine how much work I have to do’’- said Abrahamyan adding that during thirty years he had gained serious experience and knowledge, and has great contacts in different countries worldwide. Remind, today the president of Armenians’ Union in Russia Ara Abrahamyan gave a press conference referring to a number of issues.

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