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    “Stand up, Armenia” civic movement expanded the agenda, what to expect

    August 7, 2015 14:48 News, Press A+ / A-

    votqi hayastan

    “Stand up, Armenia” initiative fighting against the electricity price increase is going to expand the demands and to form the agenda of civic movement, which will include questions dealing with different spheres of Armenia. Andreas Ghukasyan, the member of “Stand up, Armenia” initiative told during today’s meeting with the journalists. Remind, the initiative right now has 3 demands: PSRC’s resignation, ENA’s nationalization and later its publicizing, the conviction of the responsible people for the caused crisis energetic system in accordance with the law. Earlier we had informed that members of the initiative hand over a letter to the Public Services Regulatory Commission demanding the resignation of the commission chairman Robert Nazaryan. The latter described the letter as offensive, made illiterate and he did not impad himself to reply it. Davit Hovhannisyan, the member of “Stand up, Armenia” initiative, however, said that they hadn’t expected an answer from Robert Nazaryan. “What refers to the abuse, if a man or a group of people do a step which leads to the outbreak of people, then that person Mr. Nazaryan as an Armenian man, then as a specialist and ի պաշտոնե he obliged to be in Baghramyan. We have a moral right to demand both his resignation and sound a little rude statements”: mentioned Davit Hovhannisyan as a response to Robert Nazaryan’s statement and added: “If he came to Baghramyan avenue, he will be more welcomed than Ashotyan.” The members of the initiative informed that they will do an demonstration in the square of Armenia on the 11th of August, at 19:00. “Citizens need to be aware of the operations done once a month. On August 11 few people will participate in the demonstration because of the heat, but we ought to introduce our vision to them:” said Andreas Ghukasyan one of the members. The members of “Stand up, Armenia” initiative will continue the strike/sit-in in the republic square till the demonstration on August 11. The members of the initiative informed that the demonstration is announced.

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